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At the first sight all you can say about this drawing is OH WOW!
The number of details included in this picture are great. I like detailed art so this one conquered my heart. The shading is also great. Good color tone contrast. The flowers are great and it makes the whole drawing look amazing, good positioned and a great ambiance.
I gave you 4 stars for the vision not because this is not great but because i wanna ask you do something more realistic, try to make the paper look like a good taken photo. That will make you a better artist!
The impact on this photo is phenomenal, it makes the wish, dream and gives me such a great feeling of satisfaction that somebody did it!

I wanna thank you so much for this!
Also I want you to critique my warrior girl. Also i've put in it a lot of details but i'm not that good.
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Hellobaby Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2011
Thanks a lot for your critic dear but sorry, I don't get the part "try to make the paper look like a good taken photo"? Do you mean to make it clearer?
o1bloody1o Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2011  Professional General Artist
I'll show ya!
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